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General Business

At Maverick Law, Brian can represent your business in a wide variety of matters such as:

  • Corporate formation,
  • Corporate governance,
  • Statutory compliance,
  • Stock or ownership interest transfers,
  • Contract negotiations,
  • Negotiation and creation of lease agreements,
  • Negotiation and creation of employment agreements, and
  • Dissolution of your business.

We provide cost-effective services that will help your businesses succeed. Our lawyer can provide advice to single member companies as well as larger companies in selecting the best form of legal entity and management structure for their business. Examples are corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and general partnerships.

Many of these business entities require careful tax planning. Maverick Law has a Certified Public Accountant in the same office building with whom we work, but we will also work with your own accountants in order to protect your business from any surprising tax consequences.

Additionally, our attorney will help you by drafting and reviewing contracts and provide you with practical analysis in making sound business decisions. If you need support in developing contracts or agreements concerning your employees and independent contractors, our lawyer can help.

As your business changes, we can also assist you through these transitions by facilitating buy-sell arrangements, stock or ownership transfers, succession plans, and dissolutions.

If you are just starting, in the middle of operations, or dissolving a business, feel free to contact Maverick Law to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Steps to Start Starting a Business in Texas

  1. The first step in starting a business in Texas is to choose the type of entity that is best for your situation. Maverick Law can help you create a Texas corporation (either a C Corporation or an S Corporation), a limited liability company (LLC), a general or limited partnership, or a professional entity (professional corporation or a professional association)
  2. We will file the necessary documents with the Texas Secretary of State in order to establish you company. Filing the documents with the Texas Secretary of State normally takes 2-3 weeks; however, it can be expedited so your company can be created in less than 1 week.
  3. Once your company has been formed, you will need to obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number using the IRS SS4 Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN will help you open your company bank account and is required for your various tax documents. The SS4 application can be found here.
  4. Your company will need to maintain annual minutes as well as special minutes to keep track of the actions of the company. We can prepare forms for you to keep track of your company minutes.
  5. While operating your company, you may want to sell stock, membership interests, or assets. Our attorney can help you with these types of transactions by preparing buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, and corporate resolutions.
  6. Your company will also be required to satisfy certain state compliance issues, such as change of registered agent or office, change of name, doing business under an assumed name, or adding a new director or member.
  7. Our lawyer regularly draft, negotiate and review various business contracts such as buy-sell agreements, employment agreements (including non-compete agreements and trade secret agreements), and commercial leases.
  8. Finally, in the event you desire to wind down or dissolve your company, we can help you with this transition.

To discuss forming a new company or selling your company, please contact Maverick Law to schedule an initial consultation.

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