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The estate planning process can seem complicated, but it is an important matter to address. Regardless of the size of your assets, setting up an estate plan can be critical when it comes to ensuring that your assets pass exactly as you wish and that your loved ones can administer your estate quickly and efficiently. At Maverick Law, we provide assistance with a wide range of estate planning and probate matters. San Antonio estate planning lawyer Brian Maverick is board certified in these fields and understands the importance of providing clients with efficient and knowledgeable legal advice to solve their problems and to avoid legal complications down the road. We are conveniently located near downtown San Antonio and serve people throughout Bexar County and the surrounding areas. We also represent clients in other civil matters, such as real estate transactions and business formation.

Estate Planning

Many people think that they must have a large estate in order to make an estate plan worthwhile, but crafting an estate plan can be useful for anyone. There are certain documents that an estate planning attorney can help you create to ensure that your estate is distributed in the manner that you wish. These include a will, a statutory durable power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, and a health care directive to a physician. There are many other documents that you can draft to set up your estate and numerous options regarding leaving assets to children, grandchildren, and other individuals. If you want to learn more about tax advantages, an estate planning attorney at our San Antonio firm can explain how setting up certain instruments like a trust can relieve tax burdens and help pass the maximum amount of assets possible to your beneficiaries.


In general, probate is the legal process that is required when an individual dies in order to transfer the decedent’s assets. Probate does not apply to all estates, therefore it is important to first determine whether an estate must go through the probate process. In general, Texas requires real estate, vehicles, and bank accounts without a designated beneficiary to pass through the probate process. There are many legal requirements and procedures in place for a probate proceeding, so the process can be challenging and confusing for a family who is in the midst of coping with the loss of a loved one. If these procedures are not followed appropriately, you may face delays or complications when it comes to transferring the decedent’s assets and completing your loved one’s affairs. Our San Antonio estate planning attorney can guide you through each step of the probate process and ensure that you, the beneficiaries named in Will, and the heirs of the decedent receive the outcome that you each deserve.


guardianship is a legal relationship created by the court that terminates rights of an incapacitated person and assigns legal rights of the incapacitated person to another person. Guardianships are often created in situations in which an individual lacks the appropriate mental capacity to make decisions for himself or herself, such as an elderly individual, a minor, or a disabled individual. Texas recognizes two types of legal guardianships. The first is called a Guardian of the Person. The Guardian of the Person is appointed to oversee medical decisions for the incapacitated person. The second type of guardian is called the Guardian of the Estate. The Guardian of the Estate is a person appointed to manage financial decisions. The court can also choose to appoint a guardian with limited powers or total powers, depending on the extent of the individual’s incapacity. Texas has an application process in place to create a guardianship that requires you to provide substantial documentation and information justifying the appointment of a guardian. Having an experienced guardianship attorney on your side can help make sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Real Estate

Purchasing a home, selling a home, arranging a commercial lease, or handling other transactions that involve real estate can give rise to significant complexities. The main priorities should be protecting your rights, making sure that you understand your obligations, and attempting to prevent any future disputes from arising. Some of the common matters that may arise in real estate law include drafting and reviewing sales contracts and leases for property. Although you may feel that you can navigate these legal issues on your own, consulting a real estate lawyer can help you ensure that you do not overlook any details or hidden problems that may come back to haunt you after you execute the real estate document. Much of real estate law involves drafting and reviewing contracts, which can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with the technical terms and contract law. We have substantial experience with a broad range of real estate matters and can help you make sure that you fully understand a contract or lease before you agree to it.

Business Law

If you are launching a new business or reconsidering the structure of your current business, consulting a business lawyer can make a big difference in helping you determine the appropriate course of action for your specific needs. Our lead attorney has substantial experience in identifying cost-effective and efficient options for a client’s business, including steps involving corporate formation, statutory compliance, contract negotiations, stock transfers, and dissolutions. We are ready to provide you with information and explanations regarding different business organization structures and which entity is best for your business goals and needs. This process may include a thorough tax planning analysis. We work with a Certified Public Accountant in our building to ensure that your interests are protected and that you avoid any unexpected and unwanted tax consequences down the road.

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At Maverick Law, we understand how difficult it can be to ascertain your legal rights and to make sure that you are doing everything needed to protect them. Our legal team works tirelessly on behalf of each client, ensuring that they receive the personalized and responsive legal counsel that they deserve. We want you to feel confident in your understanding of the legal process, your rights, and your options. We can assist you with making strategic decisions based on your unique circumstances. We proudly serve clients throughout Bexar County and the surrounding areas, such as Guadalupe County, Kendall County, Wilson County, and Comal County. We offer a free consultation so that you can learn more about our firm and how we can assist you with your legal question. Please call us today at 210.828.5151 or contact us online to discuss your legal question with a San Antonio estate planning lawyer, or obtain advice on matters related to estate planning, probate, a guardianship, real estate, or general business.

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