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My name is Brian Maverick and I am a San Antonio estate planning lawyer in a solo practice. I am Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

My legal practice focuses primarily on the following areas of law:

Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianships. I can also help clients with questions related to Elder Law, Real Estate, and General Business.

Maverick Law is located near downtown San Antonio, in the heart of Alamo Heights.

The goal of Maverick Law is to provide our clients with efficient, expert advice in order to solve their legal problems and avoid potential legal issues.

Please contact Maverick Law to schedule an appointment regarding any of the following:

Estate Planning – We recommend that every adult have the following estate planning documents: a Last Will and Testament, statutory durable power of attorney (aka financial power of attorney), medical power of attorney, and Health Care Directive to Physician (aka Living Will). We can also draft trusts for couples, children, or grandchildren. San Antonio estate planning attorney Brian Maverick can help create a family limited partnership or prepare any other necessary documents to assist in your estate planning. Additionally, we can discuss how gifting can help transfer your wealth.

Probate – We will guide you through the legal process of probating an estate if a loved one has recently died with or without a will. Probate is necessary if someone passed away owning a probate asset, which is basically an asset that has a title that needs to be transferred. The following are typical probate assets: real estate, automobile, bank accounts without a designated beneficiary or brokerage accounts without a designated beneficiary.

Guardianships – We will assist you with creating or maintaining a legal guardianship in order to help care for a loved one who is no longer capable of managing his or her medical care or financial matters. There are two types of guardianships: a guardian of the person is appointed to make medical decisions and a guardian of the estate is appointed to make financial decisions. A guardianship can have limited powers or total powers depending on the level of incapacity of your loved one.

Elder Law – We help seniors and their families plan for current and future legal and personal needs. We will discuss updating or creating estate planning documents such as a Will, Management Trust, and a Pre-Need Declaration of Guardian, as well as a financial power of attorney and medical power of attorney. We can also discuss planning moves to an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

Real Estate – We can help you draft or review documents involved in any residential or commercial sales transaction, including earnest money contracts, promissory notes, deeds, leases and other relevant contracts.

General Business – We will sit down with you to determine which type of entity is best for you and then help you form a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or joint venture. We will also help you with issues such as corporate governance and state compliance.

We look forward to hearing from you and building a long-term client relationship with you and your family. To contact a San Antonio estate planning lawyer, please click here.

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