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Estate Planning

Maverick Law offers assistance in all aspects of Estate Planning to clients located in the San Antonio area. Brian will work with you in order to prepare documents that secure a future which protects and provides for you and for the ones you love. We will skillfully assemble an estate plan that will help reduce your estate, gift, and generation skipping taxes. Our experienced lawyer will use every legal tool available to provide you with a complete estate plan.

At Maverick Law, we can create simple wills for individuals or couples, as well as complex wills that contain trusts for your spouse, children, grandchildren, or other loved ones. Our lawyer can also prepare various types of trusts (living trust, crummey trust, insurance trust, special need trust, or Miller trust), guardianship declarations for minor children, medical powers of attorney, health care directive to physicians (aka living wills), and financial powers of attorney. Maverick Law will insure that your personal matters and financial affairs properly protect you and your family. A brief description of these estate planning documents can be found here.

Many people do not know if they need a Will or not. If you own property that have any titles that need to be changed, have children, have recently been married or divorced, or wish to make a special bequest to a friend or relative, you should make or update your will. Our estate planning lawyer will work with you to prepare a plan that distributes your property according to your wishes.

Some people wrongly assume that having a will drafted is an expensive, complex undertaking. Our attorney believes that having a will is so important that they will work with your budget to prepare a will that satisfies your needs and goals. If a more complex will is necessary, our attorney will work with you to draft a will that is best for your situation. Our experience and expertise often enable our clients to lower estate taxes, thus saving the estate money that greatly exceeds the cost of having a will prepared by an attorney.

Often our clients ask us to prepare a statutory durable power of attorney (aka “financial power of attorney”) and medical power of attorney in order to appoint an agent who will manage their finances and healthcare decisions in the event they are rendered unconscious or otherwise unable to state their wishes. We also prepare other life care documents such as a Health Care Directive to Physician (aka Living Will), Pre-Need Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Incapacity, Declaration of Appointment of Guardian for Minor Child, and HIPAA Authorization. A summary of these documents can be found here.

In Texas, the cost to probate a will is relatively inexpensive; however, if you desire to avoid probate, our lawyer can prepare a living trust in order to help you avoid probate altogether. A living trust allows you to control and manage the trust while you are alive. It also is a great management tool in the event you later become incapacitated. Finally, allows you to determine how your want the property held in the trust to be distributed at the time of your death. Additionally, you may have the power to amend or revoke the trust at any time if you decide you want that option.

To discuss any of these estate planning options, please contact Maverick Law to schedule an initial consultation.

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