Elder Law

Elder Law focuses on the legal needs of the elderly. Maverick, Law, PC provides a variety of legal tools and techniques to meet the goals and objectives of the older client.

Our aim is to enable seniors to be independent and to plan for their current and future legal and personal needs.

Some of these goals include:

  • Pre-planning for the possibility of later disability of incapacity which includes the preparation of the following estate planning documents : statutory durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, living trusts, special needs trusts, HIPAA Authorization, health care directive to physician (aka “living will”), and pre-need declaration of guardian in the event of later incapacity. As an extra bonus, legal fees for preparing these documents are tax deductible.
    • The above documents delegate financial and health care decision-making to a trusted family member or friend
  • Revising current Estate planning
    • Drafting and revising trusts and wills in order to distribute your assets to loved ones
  • Creating and maintaining legal guardianships in the event a loved one can no longer manage his or her finances or health
  • Current and future housing arrangements
    • Including Placement in independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes
  • Retirement benefit questions and related issues
  • Probate of estate in the event a person dies with a Will or without a Will
  • Administration and management of trusts and decedents estates
  • Terminating Trusts after the beneficiary of the Trust has passed away
  • Gifting in order to transfer wealth before someone and if applicable, minimizing tax effects which will leave of your money to your beneficiaries.

All of these tools will hopefully make you more comfortable when dealing with your legal issues and provide you with a sense of satisfaction knowing that you have taken care of your family.

In addition to the above services, we can introduce our elderly clients to caregivers and other elder care professionals who may be of assistance to them.

To discuss any of the above goals or any additional goals, please contact Maverick Law to schedule an initial consultation.

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